Report: LGBTQ+ workers in the Australian construction sector


The Australian Human Rights Institute, June 22, 2021

The Australian Human Rights Institute has undertaken research to identify the barriers and opportunities to recruitment, retention and progression of LGBTQ+ professionals and tradespeople in the Australian construction sector.

The research aims to map out interventions that build inclusivity of LGBTQ+ workers within the sector.

menThe construction sector is Australia’s third largest employer with projected employment growth in the future. Despite its prominence, the construction sector faces a skills shortage. It also remains Australia’s most male dominated sector.

While research has focused on why women’s participation in the construction sector has tracked backwards in the last decade, there is little understanding of the experiences of LGBTQ+ workers in the sector.

Investigating LGBTQ+ experiences in the sector is important for understanding, and then building and implementing strategies to promote inclusion and protect LGBTQ+ rights at work.m,emnt


By J Pope

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