Position statement on Autistic-LGBTIQA+ identity

Reframing Autism, June 17th 2021; Written by Sam Rose with Melanie Heyworth

In recent years, it has become widely accepted that there is a considerable overlap between the Autistic and the LGBTIQA+ communities. However, a corresponding effort to support the Autistic-LGBTIQA+ community has not been forthcoming, and there is a striking lack of resource allocation, acceptance, and support for this intersectionality.

Due to stigma and discrimination perpetuated by the media, conservative views of gender and sexuality, and misunderstanding of Autistic lived experiences, Autistic-LGBTIQA+ people face multiple barriers to realising their authentic identities, including their sexual and gender identities. We also know that, with adequate family, psychological and medical supports, access to peers and role models, and autonomy over decisions regarding one’s own identity, Autistic-LGBTIQA+ individuals can experience belonging and welcome, achieve resilience, optimism and wellbeing, and ultimately thrive.

There are no inherent barriers to living authentically as Autistic-LGBTIQA+ and achieving active citizenship and happiness. Many members of the community at this intersection can and do live as authentic and active citizens, but too many others are not receiving the support that they need and deserve.

Reframing Autism is passionate about promoting authenticity, autonomy, and acceptance for all Autistics, and these values are particularly relevant to those with intersectional identities.

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By J Pope

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