This SASHA Current Awareness Service is intended to provide a snapshot of news, and views regarding sexual health and allied topics. It is not intended to be a comprehensive collection of information, news stories and reports in the subject areas listed.

The information provided on the SASHA blog is not a substitute for independent professional advice, and you should obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances. We provide information on the SASHA blog on the basis that users are responsible for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. By accessing the SASHA blog, you assume all risks associated with use of the site.

Linked websites may have their own terms and conditions of use, and you should familiarise themselves with those terms and conditions when accessing external sites.

Except to the extent required by law, SHINE SA and SAMESH are not responsible or liable to any person for:

  • the information or advice which is provided on the SASHA blog or incorporated into it by reference;
  • any loss or damage incurred as a result of using the SASHA blog, or as a result of using any information and material contained on the SASHA blog; or
  • any material or contributions made to the SASHA blog by third parties.

SHINE SA and SAMESH caution subscribers that:

  • all websites are linked “as is” – SHINE SA is not responsible for the content of any external site;
  • SHINE SA does not sponsor, endorse or necessarily approve of any material on websites linked from or to the SASHA blog;
  • SHINE SA does not make any warranties or representations regarding the quality or accuracy of information contained on websites linked from or to the SASHA blog; and
  • the content of some websites may be distressing to some individuals, and may use language, terminology or express views that are not endorsed or approved by SHINE SA (for example using the term “prostitute” rather than “sex worker”).

Titles of articles are usually reproduced as they appear in the original publications. Links to abstracts on publishers’ sites are included when available; however, access to the full-text of articles may require payment or subscription. SHINE SA is not responsible for the costs of any such payment.

SHINE SA and SAMESH do not endorse the content of any comments or a post made by third parties on the SASHA blog, and does not claim that any comments or posts are accurate, authentic or complete. Comments and posts are moderated by SHINE SA and SHINE SA reserves the right to remove any comments or posts that are considered unsuitable or inappropriate. In addition, SHINE SA and SAMESH reserves the right to restrict or terminate a subscriber’s access to the SASHA blog if the subscriber makes inappropriate comments or posts.

Subscribers should contact SHINE SA or SAMESH if they believe the SASHA blog contains material or links to sites that they believe are inappropriate.


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