Psychological Therapies Targeting Priority Populations Service Model (LGBTIQA+)


Meridian (ACT), released July 2021

Meridian was invited by the Capital Health Network (CHN) to co-design a service model for delivering mental health services to LGBTIQA+ communities in the ACT under the Psychological Therapies Targeting Priority Populations contract.

Meridian facilitated a co-design process with LGBTIQA+ people to design a service model that would respond to their mental health needs and address the barriers to mental health services that they experience.

In total, 114 LGBTIQA+ people participated in the co-design process (7 reference group members and 107 survey respondents). The process highlighted the barriers and enablers for LGBTIQA+
people accessing mental health services and achieving positive outcomes.

The service model detailed in this report reflects the outcomes of the co-design process. The model is designed to respond to the barriers, enablers, and service gaps identified by the SURG and survey respondents, as well as the insights shared by peer-workers and mental health practitioners. The model presents a complete picture of the service required to meet the mental health needs of LGBTIQA+ people in the ACT, as identified in the co-design process.

By J Pope

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