Care of a person who has been strangled (information in several languages)


Yarrow Place, October 2020

Youth and Women’s Safety and Wellbeing Division are very pleased to announce the completion of a range of strangulation pamphlets designed for both the consumer and the service provider.

We know strangulation is a common form of assault in the context of domestic and family violence and sexual assault, so these pamphlets have been designed to guide non-medical service providers in responding to disclosures of strangulation as well as offer information and support to victims of strangulation.

Funded by the Commissioner of Victim’s Rights, these pamphlets have been developed in consultation with a broad number of contributors including Aboriginal Cultural Consultation as well as Cultural and Linguistically Diverse consumers. To increase access amongst the broader community, we have also translated the consumer brochure into five languages.

Additionally, we have guidelines for medical practitioners  in relation to the assessment and management of a person who has been strangled and a documentation proforma.

Please find resources below:

Strangulation Pamphlet for Consumers (English)

Strangulation Pamphlet – Arabic

Strangulation Pamphlet – Nepali

Strangulation Pamphlet – Persian

Strangulation Pamphlet – Swahili

Strangulation Pamphlet – Tamil

Strangulation Pamphlet for Service Providers

Strangulation Assessment

Stakeholder List –  Contacts – Strangulation 

Strangulation Documentation form


By J Pope

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