Care of a person who has been strangled (information in several languages)


Yarrow Place, October 2020 Youth and Women’s Safety and Wellbeing Division are very pleased to announce the completion of a range of strangulation pamphlets designed for both the consumer and the service provider. We know strangulation is a common form of assault in the context of domestic and family violence and sexual assault, so these pamphlets have been designed to guide non-medical service...

Domestic & Family Violence: Strangulation Awareness Training


Women’s Safety Services SA, October 2019 Domestic and Family Violence: Strangulation Awareness is a specialised course in understanding and responding to this key high risk factor. The latest research will be presented as well as a practice framework for responding to disclosures. Tuesday 31st October 2019 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Location advised on registration (Mile End area) Cost: $90**...

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