Welcome to the fresh new SASHA!


SHINE  SA & SAMESH, 12th November 2020

Dear SASHA browsers, email subscribers, and occasional visitors,

Welcome to our new-look SASHA (South Australian Sexual Health Awareness)! We hope you enjoy our fresh, updated web and email experience. Please read the following information to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. 

SASHA is a current awareness service curated by a qualified and experienced information professional. The intention is to provide you with a snapshot of news, research, and views on the topics that are relevant to SHINE SA and SAMESH, and the communities we serve, and to other professionals and organisations who work with them.

These include sexual health and related topics, many of which intersect with one another. You can find our full list of our categories here.

If you are visiting the SASHA site, you can continue to use our search function on the top menu bar of all SASHA pages. You can also click on selected categories to see only posts under those categories, by going here. You can click on any of the tags found at the bottom of individual posts to see other posts which features those tags. At the bottom of individual posts you will also find links to share those mposts via social media.

There are some changes for those who subscribe to SASHA posts via email:

  • If you signed up for SASHA emails years ago, under the old system, you don’t need to do anything: you will now be automatically signed up under our new system. This means you will get a daily digest Monday-Friday of ‘all posts’ on all topics, rather than emails for selected categories only.  (There will be no more than two posts per weekday, sometimes fewer, and sometimes none at all. You will get no more than one email per day, except on days where there have been no posts). If however, you would prefer to revert to subscribing to selected categories only, you can do that via the ‘update your preferences’ links in the footer of all SASHA emails (please read more below about the ‘selected categories’ option).
  • If you signed up in the last couple of years under Mailchimp, and selected ‘all posts’, you need not do anything. You will continue to receive all posts in a daily digest: it will just look a bit different.
  • If you signed up in the last couple of years, under Mailchimp, but for selected categories only, then you need not do anything: you will continue to receive emails for only those categories, with a fresh new look. However, please be aware that if you have selected more than one individual category, this does mean you will receive multiple email alerts for the same SASHA post, if that post has been posted under more than one category (you may have noticed this in the past). For this reason, you may like to change your subscription now to the ‘all posts’ option, where you will only receive one email per weekday, in the form of a daily digest of ‘all posts’ on all topics.  If so, you can do that via the ‘update your preferences’ links in the footer of all SASHA emails. Otherwise you will continue to receive emails the same as before.
  • All current email subscribers: you can unsubscribe or manage your preference at any time yourself, via the links in the footer of all SASHA emails.

If you do not currently subscribe via email and would like to, please sign up here (at the top of the page) for all posts in a daily digest, or here for selected categories only.

We will continue to strive to save you time by bringing you a variety of information from a range of sources, via the most suitable platform we can.

Thank you for your patience while we have been fine-tuning everything.  We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, and trust you will find the changes worthwhile. It is always a work in progress, and we are responsive to user feedback to make sure we continually serve your needs. You can email us here.

With our regards,

The SASHA admin team, on behalf of SHINE & SAMESH*

*SAMESH was created in 2015 as part of a joint initiative between SHINE SA and Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Victorian AIDS Council).

By J Pope

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