The Personal & the Political: Attitudes towards LGBTI People around the World


ILGA – International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, October 2016

The ILGA-RIWI Global Attitudes Survey on LGBTI People in partnership with Logo is a new year-on-year survey to gather and assess credible data on public attitudes to particular issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

Developed in cooperation with the Canadian technology company RIWI Corp, and in partnership with the US entertainment brand Logo, the survey collected answers to 31 questions from 96,331 online individuals in 65 countries. Significantly, the survey reached environments highly hostile to LGBTI people, such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq, resulting in the largest investigation of attitudes towards LGBTI people around the world ever conducted.

For the first time, thanks to this survey, the world has actual verifiable evidence-based data, rather than anecdotal evidence on these attitudes. As such, this global survey is a powerful tool for the advancement of human rights of LGBTI people around the world. In time, when the survey gets to cover every country on the planet, one function of this tool is that it will give actual LGBTI population estimates.

Download report (PDF, 16 pages) here

By J Pope

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