Study: Identity and Wellbeing in LGBTQIA+ people with Refugee Backgrounds


 School of Psychology, University of Adelaide, April 2022

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are conducting a study entitled “Exploring Identity Formation and its Psychological Impacts in Gender and Sexuality Diverse people with Refugee Backgrounds”.

As part of this study, they hope to talk with two groups of participants:

  • Individuals who are service providers/mental health professionals working with gender and/or sexuality diverse people with refugee backgrounds, and
  • Individuals who are gender and/or sexuality diverse people with refugee backgrounds.

This would take the form of an interview of up to 60 minutes which can be done over zoom at a convenient time for participants.

The study aims to give voice to gender and/or sexuality diverse people with refugee backgrounds, specifically concerning their identity and wellbeing.

The researchers also want to explore the supports people have found most helpful, and if there are any areas where they felt they needed additional support with regards to identity and wellbeing.

If you would like further information, please contact:
  • A/Prof Clemence Due by phone: 8313 6096

(Human Research Ethics Committee Approval Number: H-2022-05)

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By J Pope

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