SHINE SA Welcomes Australia-Wide Ban on Harassment Outside Abortion Clinics

SHINE SA, 12.08.21

SHINE SA welcomes the latest legislation in Western Australia that protects the safety and privacy of people seeking reproductive healthcare. WA is the final state in Australia to place these protections.

In November 2020, South Australia passed similar legislation know as the ‘Safe Access Zones’ bill. This bill ensures people seeking abortions and those that provide them can do so free from intimidation.

Natasha Miliotis, SHINE SA’s Chief Executive Officer said that:

“People accessing abortion services and the health professionals who support them have the right to be free from harassment and intimidation.

In South Australia, providers of abortion services deliver high quality, non-judgmental and evidence-based care. They deserve recognition and support not harassment.”

SHINE SA celebrates the individuals and organisations involved in the advocacy needed to endorse these changes. This is a significant change that marks Australia-wide support for health professionals and clients of abortion services who are seeking access to reproductive healthcare.

For more information on abortion and unintended pregnancy services visit the SA Health website.

By J Pope

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