Aboriginal women designing a Model of Care for cardiometabolic conditions in pregnancy


Telethon Kids Institute, 2024

Telethon Kids Institute invites you to participate in co-designing a model of care for Aboriginal women who experience diabetes and heart complications in pregnancy in South Australia. This project will design a model of care in South Australia (SA) for Aboriginal women with heart and diabetes complications of pregnancy, and their babies.

Despite high prevalence of heart and diabetes complications, Aboriginal women experience sub-optimal care during and following pregnancy. Limited awareness of pregnancy complications on long-term health for mother and baby leads to these issues. Across heart and diabetes interventions, lack of understanding for Aboriginal cultural needs and the use of Western biomedical models remain significant and preventable gaps. Focus on physical disease alone excludes cultural, social and emotional wellbeing as foundations for lifelong health for Aboriginal women and babies.

The design process will bring together Aboriginal women to develop the model of care, building on women’s knowledge of health, wellbeing, and expressed health priorities. Once the model is developed, Telethon will work with stakeholders across the health system to start implementation and evaluate this process.

They are seeking Aboriginal women who:

  • have experienced a pregnancy with diabetes or heart complication in the last 5 years.


  • have provided maternal and/or cardiometabolic health care, either as a health professional or person working within the health system, to Aboriginal women in the last 12 months.

Women must be 18 years or over, live in South Australia, and able to travel to Adelaide.

Involvement will require you to attend 2 multiple-day workshops in 2024.

The workshop dates for SA are:

  • 17- 19th June 
  • 16-17th July 

This will be held at the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre at Bedford Park/Warriparinga.

The project team will support travel and accommodation as required and renumerate participants and your respective organisations for their time.

Benefits of participation:

• Aboriginal women-led space
• Payment for your time
• Travel arrangements covered
• Child friendly

If you would like an interpreter or additional support to find out more about this project and complete this form, please ring 08 6375 6128.

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By J Pope

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