Just Ask: Inclusive Language For Midwives And Birth Workers (Poster)


A collaboration between Midwives Connecting Community, and Rainbow Families: September 05, 2022

Inclusive language is a way of acknowledging and respecting the diversity of peoples’ bodies, genders and relationships. As midwives and birth workers, using inclusive language supports people to feel safe within the health system, and acknowledges who they are. Using inclusive language doesn’t take away from women and women’s experiencing, it includes women and embraces LGBTQ+ rainbow families.

"Inclusive language is so important for LGBTQ+ people, particularly during pregnancy and birth. We often feel invisible or overlooked and that’s not good for parents or babies. Getting language right can make such a difference for a family expecting a baby and can set them up with a positive start to their parenting journey" [Rainbow Families parent]
By J Pope

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