HOW2 Create LGBTI Inclusive Services: 2017 dates announced


SHINE SA, April 2017

The 2017 round of SHINE SA’s HOW2 Create Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Inclusive Services program commences next month.

By enrolling your organisation in this program, key staff in your organisation will gain the knowledge and skills to drive organisational change to become safer and more inclusive for LGBTI clients, staff and communities. Your organisation will benefit immediately from the implementation of practical exercises in the workplace and completion of the HOW2 program will lay the foundations for successfully achieving Rainbow Tick Accreditation.

One of our 2016 round participants, Kay Goodman-Dodd of Eldercare, told us of the impact the program has had on her organisation:

“The action plan that we developed over the course of the HOW2 program has enabled us to raise awareness, educate staff, consult community and promote our service as LGBTI inclusive. As participants, we felt supported to go back to our organisations and identify, promote and support manageable change. We are excited to be working toward our commitment to undertake Rainbow Tick accreditation and will continue to benefit from the networks we established during the program.”

The HOW2 program is based on a set of 6 national standards developed by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV), in conjunction with QIP (Quality, Innovation & Performance), known as Rainbow Tick Accreditation.

  • The 2017 HOW2 program commences on 18 May. Please click here to find out more and enrol.


By J Pope

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