Research Matters: Bisexuality, Health, and Wellbeing factsheet


Rainbow Health Victoria, September 23rd, 2021

Today, 23 September, is Celebrate Bisexuality Day. This day is recognised internationally and aims to increase visibility and promote pride for bisexual and bi+ people. Rainbow Health Victoria are launching their next issue in the Research Matters series: the Bisexuality, Health, and Wellbeing factsheet.

This factsheet covers:

1. Introduction

2. Definitions of bisexuality

3. Bisexuality and stigma

4. Health research

5.  Mental Health research

6. Research on bisexuality
and gender

7. Research on service
experiences and needs

8. Affirming experiences

9. Implications

10. References

The Research Matters series aims to deliver accessible and concise briefings on current research relevant to LGBTIQ health and wellbeing.


By J Pope

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