Report: Changing community attitudes to improve inclusion of people with disability


Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability,  

The Disability Royal Commission has just published a report, called ‘Changing community attitudes to improve inclusion of people with disability.’

The report was written by researchers from the University of New South Wales Sydney and Flinders University.

The report looked at what could be done to change community attitudes towards people with disability, so they are more included in society.

The report found that there are many ways to change people’s attitudes. It found that to change attitudes, you need the following:

  • People with disability with diverse experiences and backgrounds (such as First Nations or LGBTIQ+) need to be present across lots of areas, like in schools, workplaces and the community.
  • There needs to be leadership by people with disability at the centre.

The report also said that it is important that the government has strategies for inclusion. And these strategies should have many different policies.

The two ways to change attitudes are using strategies that directly target attitude change; and strategies to change behaviour, with attitude change as a secondary purpose and outcome.

The facilitators of attitude change are:
1. Active presence of people with disability
2. Leadership
3. Targeting multiple levels and multiple types of policy and interventions
4. Long-term approaches with adequate resources
5. Measuring and monitoring change.

Download the report:
By J Pope

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