A service coordination guide: Improving the health care of women and girls affected by female genital mutilation/cutting


Family Planning Victoria, 2014

This national resource supports health and community service providers in all states and territories, who work with women and girls affected by female genital mutilation/ cutting (FGM/C). It provides them with the information they need to talk with women and girls about FGM/C and its potential impact on their health and wellbeing.


– Introduction and policy context
– Understanding female genital mutilation/ cutting
– Working with women and girls
– Service coordination partnerships and training

  • Download resource (PDF, 34 pages) here
  • Download care plan flowchart only (PDF, 10 pages) here
  • Download South Australian information and referral services guideĀ (PDF, 1 page) here

*Please note there is now a specific category for FGM in SASHA*

By J Pope

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