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Young, deadly, STI and BBV free: resources


South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, 2017 This website is a one-stop shop for resources about STIs and BBVs. Rates of STIs and BBVs in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have been way too high for way too long – especially affecting young people in regional and remote communities. It’s time to turn this around. This means making regular sexual health checks a...

Young people, sexuality and diversity: what does a needs-led and rights-based approach look like?


Sex Education, Volume 17, 2017 – Issue 3, Pages 363-369   Simon Blake in conversation with & Peter Aggleton, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW  Although there is broad based consensus that SRE is a positive and important part of a young person’s education, it does continue to be contested on thoroughly misguided grounds – namely the idea that SRE promotes early sex engagement...

Knowing your labia (radio on demand)


Triple R radio,18.04.2017 What does a “normal” labia look like? What is driving the increased demand of labioplasty? These are some of the questions leading to the creation of The Labia Library, an initiative from Women’s Health Victoria. It provides access to unaltered images of women’s labia, in order to dispel concerns and myths due to the rise of censored and altered images in pornography. Dr...

Stanford launches free online course to boost understanding of transgender kids


Stanford Medicine,  March 27, 2017
Stanford has launched a free online course that has been created to fill the knowledge gap in medical education about transgender children’s health.
The course, which consists of 18 short videos, grew from a desire to raise awareness of the needs of transgender children.

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Rules about sex: getting them right (Training module & CDs): full-day practical module


  SHine SA, February 2017 A CD-based resource has been produced to assist workers and carers to assess knowledge and teach rules about touch and sexual behaviour and strategies for sexual safety and improved relationships. In this practical full-day module, you will be supported to apply the resource practically and ethically, using your own laptop. The aims are to: > reduce sexual...

SHine SA’s Sexual Health Course for those who work with CALD communities


SHine SA, January 2017 Do you work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities? Do you want to be confident speaking about sexual health with your clients? Do you want to understand how sexual health affects the overall health of your clients? If so, then the Relationships & Sexual Health Course is for you. This course provides you with opportunities to explore attitudes towards...

Welcome to SASHA

SASHA is a current awareness service with news and views on various aspects of sexual health and sexuality, from a wide range of sources. These range from credible sources of sexual health and related information, to relevant opinion pieces in the media.