Rules about sex: getting them right (Training module & CDs): full-day practical module



SHine SA, February 2017

A CD-based resource has been produced to assist workers and carers to assess knowledge and teach rules about touch and sexual behaviour and strategies for sexual safety and improved relationships. In this practical full-day module, you will be supported to apply the resource practically and ethically, using your own laptop.

The aims are to:

> reduce sexual victimisation of people with disability

> reduce the incidence of sexual behaviours which may cause offence to others

> prevent vulnerable people with a disability from involvement with the law and possible long-term consequences of this

Suitable participants include: developmental educators, service coordinators, special education workers, therapists, disability advocates, police and parents.

The first CD contains a printable manual including information sheets that help interpret South Australian laws about sexual behaviour in plain English using CAN and SHOULD NOT statements and questions. These relate to consent, age of consent, private places, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, assault and safer sex.

Both CDs contain line drawings which can be used individually, in sequence, or layered electronically or manually to create new resources which are tailored to individual needs.

Facial expressions can be altered to change the emotional tone of illustrations. Images can be combined with photographs of real places and real faces. Potential resources to be produced include flashcards to assist conversation, illustrated social stories, comic strip resources or posters. Final products can be easily sent to users as an email attachment.

The module emphasises sensitive and ethical use of the images as well as practical application to solve the educational needs of individuals.

Important: Please bring a laptop computer with a CD drive, installed with MS Word, MS Powerpoint, or equivalent. An external plug-in mouse will be an advantage.

When 1 March 2017

Where SHine SA, 64c Woodville Road, Woodville

Time 9:30am – 4:30pm

Cost $175 Student Concession: $157

Enquiries Phone 8300 5356 / Email



By J Pope

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