Launch of the NSW STI Strategy 2016-2020



The NSW STI Strategy was officially released on February 5th. It is aligned with the HIV Strategy and focuses on priority populations and priority settings.

Prevent, test and treat areas of action are identified and includes lead and partner organisations where through collaboration and partnership success can be achieved .

The Strategy focuses on gonorrhoea, syphilis and chlamydia due to the recent increases in notification rates, disease burden, role in facilitating the transmission of other infections (such as HIV) and their amenability to prevention and control efforts.

It is based on current evidence and focuses on preventing STI transmission, increasing STI screening frequency in priority populations in accordance with risk, integrating STI and HIV screening as part of routine care in priority settings and supporting general practice and primary care to integrate STI screening, treatment, management and partner notification as part of routine care.

The goals of the Strategy are to:
• Reduce gonorrhoea and syphilis infections and reduce the burden of disease of
chlamydia infection, and to
• Sustain the low rates of STIs amongst sex workers, sustain the virtual elimination of
congenital syphilis and maintain high coverage of HPV vaccination.

Priority populations include Aboriginal people, gay and homosexually active men, young
people, and sex workers.

Priority settings include publically funded sexual health services, Aboriginal community
controlled health services, antenatal settings, drug and alcohol services, mental health
services and general practice and primary health care.

The Strategy was developed concurrently with the NSW HIV Strategy 2016-2020 to
ensure that activities conducted for the Strategies are aligned.

Download strategy (PDF) here

By J Pope

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