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SHINE SA, August 2022

Sexual Health Week runs from 12-18 September, 2022. Sexual Health Week invites all South Australians to have conversations around improving our sexual health and relationship wellbeing. SHINE SA has a number of free digital and physical resources which can help your organisation get involved.

Unfortunately many people feel embarrassed talking about their sexual health; Sexual Health Week hopes to create destigmatising conversations about sexual health in a fun and positive way. This year’s theme is ‘Better in Bed’ and invites us to consider how we can work towards better sexual health for all. We encourage youth and community organisations and educators to get involved and start sharing destigmatising messages this Sexual Health Week!

Social media 

We have put together a range of social media tiles for you to download and share. These tiles can be used to share information about Sexual Health Week and to encourage destigmatising conversations around sexual health. 

Suggested captions:

  • We’re celebrating Sexual Health Week [include information about your event etc.]
  • Be better in bed, take care of your sexual health.
  • This Sexual Health Week let’s talk about how we’re caring for our sexual health. When was the last time you had a sexual health check?
  • Be better in bed by practising safer sex. Using a condom means you can focus on having pleasurable sex, without worrying about STIs or unintended pregnancy. 
  • Did you know most STIs have no symptoms? Be better in bed, use condoms and get tested.
  • Use condoms. Get tested. 

Suggested hashtags:

  • #sexualhealthweek
  • #betterinbed
  • #safetypleasurerespect 

Plus, don’t forget to tag us: @shinesainc on Facebook & Instagram. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what organisations are doing this Sexual Health Week!

Host an event

Sexual Health Week is the perfect excuse to host an event as part of your group or organisation. It can be as simple or creative as you like.

For example:

  • Host a morning tea that focuses on what makes respectful relationships
  • Create a youth event with games that encourage people to think about safety, pleasure and respect
  • Share information around sexual health messaging in your next meeting or on your social media
  • Include top resources for sexual health in your next newsletter
  • Put up posters and include resources in your organisation that encourage the normalisation of sexual health

Posters and other free resources

SHINE SA have a host of free resources that can be used to start conversations around being better in bed.

Our Online Shop has resources including brand new posters, cards and games, fact sheets, and more.


Fact Sheets 

View our Fact Sheets on a range of sexual health and relationship wellbeing topics:

Read more about resources for Sexual Health Week here
By J Pope

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