Condoms: Barriers Young People May Face and How to Overcome Them


Posted by: YEP Project on January 8, 2015

Aside from the ‘embarrassment’ factor, many young people may have a number of reasons as to why they do not use condoms, and as Youth Workers, it is important to recognise these barriers and work with the young person to identify ways to overcome them.

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  • Note: SHine SA sells and loans the Condom Card Game/Condom Negotiation Cards box set. This consists of two activities which have been designed for use with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but are used with all kinds of people. The Condom Negotiation Cards are designed to be used to help participants to recognise the excuses used for not using condoms and to assist them in developing skills to negotiate condom use. The Condom Card Game aims to help participants to understand the correct steps in using a condom. The box set sells for $50.
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By J Pope

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