Report: Adelaide Gay Community Periodic Survey, 2022


UNSW, June 2022

The report on the 2022 Adelaide Gay Community Periodic Survey has been published.

The Gay Community Periodic Surveys (GCPS) are repeated, cross-sectional surveys of gay men conducted in the metropolitan areas of seven Australian states and territories. They are a key part of Australia’s behavioural surveillance system for HIV, monitoring sexual practices, drug use and patterns of testing for HIV and other STIs.

Initiated in 1996, the GCPS are conducted in capital cities and other densely populated areas of Australia where gay men congregate: Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Queensland (Brisbane, Cairns and the Gold Coast) and Sydney. In 2014, Tasmania was added to the network of GCPS locations.

The GCPS deliberately target men who are socially and sexually involved with gay men, and recruit participants at gay community venues and events, sexual health clinics and online.

The surveillance system relies on a longstanding collaboration between CSRH, The Kirby Institute, state health departments, and national and state community organisations. Recruitment is typically coordinated in each state/territory by a local community organisation.

By J Pope

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