Caring for people with MPX: constantly updated clinical guidelines


National Clinical Evidence Taskforce (Australia), 2022

The National Clinical Evidence Taskforce aims to support Australia’s healthcare professionals caring for people with urgent and emerging diseases, by providing continually updated, evidence-based clinical guidelines. The Taskforce, an alliance between 35 member organisations, established the world’s first ‘living guidelines’ for the care of people with COVID-19 and the scope has now expanded to include MPX.

The world-leading ‘living evidence’ approach combines rigorous, evidence-based methods and rapid, weekly updating. This enables the Taskforce to modify and update recommendations rapidly in response to the publication of new research evidence.  The guidelines use the GRADE methods and are designed to meet Australian NHMRC standards.

The MPX guidelines page features the following:

  • the evidence-based clinical guidelines for the care of people with MPX,  updated with the latest research
  • topics currently under review to develop recommendations and flowcharts to guide practice
  • details of the expert panel
  • the opportunity to submit questions, which helps the Taskforce to identify and prioritise questions to include in the living guidelines
  • the ability to subscribe for updates
Access the MPX living guidelines page here
By J Pope

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