Study: People with low health literacy don’t find health apps helpful


The Daily Texan, October 25, 2016 at 12:08 am

Health and wellness technology is everywhere — fitbit apps, patient portals and nutrition trackers —­ but a new study by UT researchers shows that this technology might not be helping the people who need it the most: those who have a hard time understanding health information. 

Michael Mackert, University of Texas public relations and advertising associate professor and the lead author of the study, examined how health literacy relates to usage of health technology tools.

Health literacy is the ability to find, understand and apply relevant health information, as well as communicate effectively with doctors, according to Mackert. The study, which was the first to look at this issue, found that people with low health literacy are less likely to use health technology because they don’t think of it as helpful and easy to use, he said.

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By J Pope

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