SAMESH cooking class presents: Paul’s Nan’s Peanut Cookies


SAMESH, November 2020

With another recent lockdown (and perhaps more looming), Paul has been baking again. Once again we’ve had to cancel our scheduled face-to-face cooking class aimed at PLHIV and older LGBTIQ folk, due to COVID-19: so Paul is sharing his Nan Dot’s peanut cookie recipe with us instead. He calls these biscuits “a blast from the past”, as they evoke a lot of childhood memories for him. 

Dot put the recipe recipe her 1977 recipe book! You can see the original book pictured below, now in the care of Paul’s mum, Pam.

Paul used this very book to bake his crunchy golden cookies, pictured below.

Paul says these biscuits are “tried and tested over many years, use basic ingredients, and take minutes to make and bake.  They are called peanut cookies: however you could swap the peanuts for other nuts and get the same result (Dot would approve, I think!).  The end result will be some tasty crunchy nutty delights that you will want to make over and over.  You can also use butter if you prefer that to margarine. (Remember, these biscuits are obviously not suitable to be around those who may have peanut allergies). Thanks for the recipes Nan!”



By J Pope

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