Royal Commission into Family Violence: LGBTI, ATSI, CALD, Disability, Sex Workers


Royal Commission into Family Violence, March 2016

Volume 5 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence Report & Recommendations has been released and covers the following populations:


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Older people, Culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Faith communities, LGBTI communities, People with disabilities, Male victims, Rural regional and remote communities, Women in prison, Women working in the sex industry.
The Commission concluded that for people in some of these groups, family violence is less visible and less well understood than family violence in other parts of the Australian community.
While there can be similar dynamics to family violence across all communities, people from these diverse communities can also experience family violence differently.
In addition, some people in these diverse communities face barriers to reporting family violence and in finding appropriate help and support. A comprehensive family violence policy must address these barriers.
The following chapters seek to give specific consideration to the different experiences of people within these communities, and explore their distinct needs.
Download report (PDF) here
By J Pope

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