GK’s Cooking Demonstrations for people living with HIV


SAMESH will be running a number of cooking demonstrations aimed at people living with HIV (PLWHIV) on lower incomes, and the first demonstration will be held Thursday 25 August.

The sessions will run bi-monthly from then (in August, October, and December). These classes are aimed at encouraging and teaching people how to cook healthy and nutritious meals at home.

We also have a broader approach by inviting a health professional to attend the demonstration to provide an informal discussion on the benefits moving to a healthier lifestyle can have on their overall quality of life. This would include such areas as dieticians, dentists, fitness instructor/trainer, cardiologist, and so on. This isn’t a clinical visit nor meant to interfere with any on-going treatments; it is a chance for those attending to hear from professionals in the field who can provide some advice that may otherwise proveĀ intimidating to seek themselves or feel they cannot access for any reason.

The event is open to all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds.

We ask that people register their interest as soon as possible to ensure we have accurate numbers for the day to accommodate accordingly.

  • First session: Thursday August 25th at 10 AM – 2.30 PM, at SAMESH, 57 Hyde Street, Adelaide
  • To book, call 7099 5300 or email kat.elsby@shinesa.org.au


By J Pope

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