FGM Survivor Stories for 2016


Equality Now, 2016

The 2016 FGM Stories series will feature first hand narratives on the impact of FGM on women and girls from various backgrounds, and provides readers with related actions they can take to support the global movement to end this human rights abuse.

The personal testimonies will illustrate the severe physical and psychological consequences of FGM, and challenge the misconception that FGM only affects women and girls in “other countries.” While countries with the highest prevalence rates are on the African continent and in the Middle East, FGM affects women and girls across the globe, in Asia, Australasia, Europe, South America, and North America – including the United States.

The project amplifies the voices of women and girls who are championing efforts to address FGM in their communities — shedding much needed light on existing challenges, gaps and successes.

Read the first survivor story for 2016 (Miatta’s Story) here


By J Pope

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