Deadly Liver Mob: Engaging Aboriginal people in viral hepatitis, HIV and sexual health services (Website & Webinar)


UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health, August 2021

Deadly Liver Mob program is an incentivised, peer-led program that offers education and screening for hepatitis C, hepatitis B and STIs for Aboriginal people.

The primary purpose of the Deadly Liver Mob program is to provide hepatitis C virus education and referral to blood borne virus and sexually transmissible infections screening and treatment for Aboriginal communities.

The project offers screening for bloodborne viruses — including hepatitis C, HIV and hepatitis B virus — and sexually transmissible infections, as well as providing vaccinations for hepatitis B.

The program uses a population-level approach that makes use of family and peer networks to:

  • Raise awareness about hepatitis C transmission risk factors and available treatment
  • Increase access to testing and treatment
  • Provide a point of entry to other health services

Deadly Liver Mob is a peer-driven intervention that asks Aboriginal community members to attend an educational session with an Aboriginal health worker and then pass on their learning to family and friends.

Each contact with the health service entitles clients of the program to a payment in the form of a voucher for use at local supermarkets. These contacts with the health service include:

  • Education
  • Recruitment of others
  • Attendance for screening
  • Returning for results
  • Treatment and vaccination (if required)
Given that the aim of the program is centered on hepatitis C, engaging those living with and those most at risk of infection is a primary goal. However, providing information about hepatitis C, facilitating conversations at the community level and providing a point of entry to other health care are key secondary aims. Further, the opportunity for blood borne virus and sexual health screening and treatment is relevant to many in the community.


Upcoming Webinar:

Join the webinar to hear all about the  Deadly Liver Mob program on Monday 23 Aug 2021 from 1pm-2:30 pm AEST (12.30 pm – 2:00 pm ACST).

You will hear from the Aboriginal workers who worked with communities, the program designers, partners and sponsors. You will hear about the evaluation of DLM and get a sneak peek of the online toolkit designed for people who want to run their own DLM program.


Jen Heslop – Mid North Coast and North Coast Local Health Districts

Larissa Smyth – Mid North Coast Local Health District

Kerri-Anne Smith, Donna Tilley – Western Sydney Local Health District

Louise Maher, Felicity Sheaves – Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District

Bev Tyson, Clayton Anderson – Western NSW Local Health District

Ann Ryan – Western NSW and Far West NSW Local Health Districts

Gary Gahan – South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

Anna Scott – St Vincent de Paul Society NSW

Aunty Clair Jackson, Mitchell Beadman, Elena Cama, Kim Beadman, Kerryn Drysdale – UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health

Need assistance to register for this seminar?  Call 02 9385 6776 or email
By J Pope

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