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It’s hard to think about, but frail older women in nursing homes get sexually abused too


The Conversation, November 22, 2018 6.02am AEDT We don’t often think of older women being victims of sexual assault, but such assaults occur in many settings and circumstances, including in nursing homes. Our research, published this week in the journal Legal Medicine, analysed 28 forensic medical examinations of female nursing home residents who had allegedly been victims of sexual assault in...

Grey area: The fragile frontier of dementia, intimacy and sexual consent


The Globe & Mail (Canada), July 14, 2018 Amid ever-widening cultural conversations about sexual consent, dementia remains uncharted territory. As Canadians live longer, more are moving into long-term care with advancing dementia disorders. It’s a growing population with complex needs, not least of all in their intimate lives. In the close-quarters environment of nursing homes, these people’s...

LGBT Seniors Are Being Pushed Back Into the Closet


The Atlantic, August 31 2016 Reluctance to reveal their sexual identity is widespread among non-heterosexual senior citizens in long-term care. A recent national survey of this population by the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging—which provides support and services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender elders—found that the respondents were frequently mistreated by care-center staff...

Aged Care Workers and HIV & Ageing (Resource)


ASHM, 2015 Over the last 35 years, HIV has been transformed from what was once a fatal illness to a chronic condition that people can now easily manage. Therefore, people with HIV are able to live longer and reach old age. As people living with HIV start to access aged care services, what effect will this have on the Aged Care Worker and the role they perform? This booklet was developed for Aged...

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