Study suggests drug criminalization undermining global HIV/AIDS efforts


Medical News Today, May 2017 The criminalization of drugs is a leading factor in the world’s HIV epidemic and a potential barrier to eradicating HIV/AIDS, say researchers who’ve undertaken a sweeping review of research on laws and policies prohibiting drug use. Assistant professor Kora DeBeck of SFU’s School of Public Policy, who is a research scientist with the BC Centre for...

Countries should put women at the forefront of the UN drug policy debate


The Conversation, April 19, 2016 10.25am AEST The United Nations will hold a special session in New York this week to review global drug policy. The summit has the potential to revolutionise the drug control system enshrined in international law since 1961. If UN member states are serious about drug reform, they must act on the disproportionate harm of prohibitionist drug policies on women...

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