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Sexual health in Australia’s tropical north


ABC Radio National Health Report, Monday 5 June 2017 5:45 PM There are currently epidemics of syphilis and HIV in young Indigenous people in Cairns. These epidemics are out of control, and have crossed borders to to the Northern Territory, and in the case of syphilis, to Western Australia and South Australia as well. But in better news, Cairns is a nation leader when it comes to clearing the...

Indigenous HIV rates on the rise


ABC Radio, Wednesday 13 July 2016 6:50AM Health authorities are warning a major HIV epidemic in Australia’s Indigenous population is a real risk unless more is done to tackle sexual health issues. For the first time, the rate of HIV infections in Indigenous Australians has increased in comparison to Australia’s non-Indigenous population. There’s particular concern about a spike...

Queensland’s worst outbreak of syphilis in 30 years rampant in state’s north


Brisbane Times, November 12, 2015 Queensland’s worst outbreak of syphilis in 30 years has spread across northern Queensland with 500 new cases since 2010. Only four years ago the Medical Journal of Australia predicted syphilis – which causes lesions in the brain and blindness – would be eradicated in remote Queensland with screening and basic penicillin shots. The escalating rate of...

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