Sexual & reproductive health and human rights of women living with HIV


December 1, 2015 The Journal of the International AIDS Society (an open access, peer-reviewed journal), has published a new supplement: Sexual and reproductive health and human rights of women living with HIV. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection as a result of a variety of biological, cultural, social, and economic factors, including gender inequality within the context...

Living with HIV (in Adelaide)


7.30 SA, 28.11.2014 When HIV emerged in the early 1980s it almost certainly meant an early death from AIDS. The advent of effective treatments changed that, it isn’t curable but its manageable. That’s meant both an emerging sense of complacency amongst young people about the risks of HIV and for at least three South Australians the joys and challenges of living beyond the years they...

Cultural Impact of AIDS [video]


The Wheeler Centre, 13 Oct 2014
How have artists responded to the HIV virus creatively in their work, and what effect have their projects had on communities and attitudes as a whole? This panel of experts from around the globe examines the challenges of folding HIV narratives into creative work.
Watch video (47 minutes) here

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