Revised Guidelines For The Management Of Exposure To HIV


Press release, SA Health, 5 May 2015

The 2007 Guidelines for the Management of Non-occupational Exposure to HIV have been revised and replaced with the South Australian HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Management Plan.

The South Australian HIV PEP Management Plan has been developed in line with the National PEP Guidelines and provides guidance on the management of incidents involving potential exposure to HIV infection.

The South Australian HIV PEP Management Plan covers non-occupational exposures and occupational exposures that occur in non-SA Health worksites.

Where occupational exposures occur in SA Health worksites, continue to follow the SA Health Blood and Body Fluid Exposure Management Procedure CPR032.

Supporting the Plan are three Standard Operating Procedures that provide further detailed guidance to staff managing individuals after exposure.

For more information and to access the South Australian HIV PEP Management Plan, the Standard Operating Procedures and the National Guidelines go to: and click on the ‘key documents’ tab.

By J Pope

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