People living with HIV and access to health care in NSW: A Community Survey


Positive Life NSW, 2015

The NSW Ministry of Health (NSW MoH) requested Positive Life NSW (PLNSW) produce a discussion paper which explored the future service needs of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in NSW with complex care needs, in relation to HIV specialists and mainstream services.

The main lines of inquiry which PLNSW investigated were:

 Access to Service Provision – where PLHIV obtained their primary health care and why they preferred to use a particular service; (p7-8)

 Service Satisfaction – how satisfied PLHIV were with the services they received; (p7)

 Health Care Service Barriers – what concerns or difficulties PLHIV experienced when accessing health care services; (p15-17)

 PLHIV Criteria for Service Access – what were the considerations for accessing health care; (p14)

 Mainstream Service Barriers – if PLHIV experienced difficulties or challenges when referred to mainstream or specialist services, what they might be, and; (p19)

 Factors of Retention in Care – factors relating to the ability of PLHIV to remain engaged in treatment and care (p21).

Download report (PDF) here 

By J Pope

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