A guide to understanding and managing Hepatitis C- related fatigue


By Alan Franciscus and Lucinda Porter, RN for the Hepatitis C Support Project, Version 5: January 2018

Fatigue is the most common symptom reported by people living with hepatitis C (HCV). One study found that 67% of HCV-positive people reported this symptom. Fatigue can range from mild to severe and can affect every area of life. Fatigue is difficult to quantify since it affects everyone differently and it cannot be measured by lab tests. Yet few symptoms can disturb quality of life more than relentless fatigue can.

Some people with hepatitis C have constant fatigue while others may have fatigue cycles. the authors hope hope that some of these simple tips will help people manage HCV-related fatigue symptoms.

Contents include:

– Causes of Fatigue
– Medical Treatment for Fatigue
– Self-Help for Managing Fatigue
– The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Fatigue Management
– Fatigue and the Workplace

Download A guide to understanding and managing Hepatitis C- related fatigue (18 page, PDF)


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