Above-Normal Death Rate Still Seen in U.S. Youngsters and Young Adults With HIV

The Body Pro, February 25, 2016

Despite improved health because of better antiretroviral therapy, HIV-positive teens and young adults in the United States still have a 31 times higher death rate than youngsters the same age in the general population.

Most deaths resulted from HIV-related conditions, and most deaths involved people with a low CD4 count, a high viral load, or not taking antiretrovirals.

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Meet the mum who contracted HIV from her husband and wants to change the stigma around the virus

The Feed, SBS, 10 Jun 2014 – 8:24am

Imagine being married for 10 years with no idea that your partner was carrying a disease that – if left untreated – could potentially kill you. The Feed’s Patrick Abboud meets a women who contracted HIV and wants to change the stigma around the virus.

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