More than third of sexual assaults, homicides linked to domestic violence, ABS data shows

ABC News, Updated

More than a third of sexual assaults and homicides recorded in Australia last year were domestic violence-related, according to new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The 2015 crime statistics also show that there were 21,380 victims of sexual assault across the country, a rise of 3 per cent on the previous year, and a six year high.

Key points:

  • 7,464 people were sexually assaulted within a domestic relationship
  • The majority of family-violence related victims were female
  • Indigenous Australians are far more likely to be the victims of some crime


Why are reports of domestic violence often framed around the alleged perpetrator’s story?

Daily Life,

In its recently updated guidelines on family and domestic violence reporting, the Australian Press Council urges that words matter: “Publications should be mindful of the language they use and try to avoid terms that tend to trivialise, demean or inadvertently excuse family violence, such as ‘a domestic’, a ‘domestic dispute’ or ‘a troubled marriage’.”

With that in mind, framing the alleged domestic homicide of a woman by the hand of her husband as a “tragedy” instead of a violent and deliberate choice is unacceptable.

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  • Access Advisory Guideline on Family & Domestic Violence Reporting (PDF) here

Disproportionate Intimate Partner Violence in the LGBTQ & PLHIV community

Rainbow Times, Nov 06, 2014

LGBTQ and HIV-affected intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as partner abuse or domestic violence, increased in 2013 in the USA.

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