Violence against women survey shows there is ‘more work to be done’


Guardian, Wednesday 17 September 2014

Many Australians believe there are circumstances where violence against women can be excused and almost one in five believe if a woman is raped while intoxicated she is partly responsible, a national survey has found.

Alison Macdonald, the acting chief executive of Domestic Violence Victoria, said the report highlighted much more work was needed to be done to prevent family violence from occurring and to change attitudes towards why it happened.

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Findings from the 2013 National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey (NCAS):


Summary Report (PDF, 294KB)
NCAS Report (PDF, 2.89MB)
Full Technical Report (PDF, 2.56MB)
Appendixes (PDF, 1.93MB)

Young Australian’s Attitudes towards Violence Against Women report (the Youth Report) 

NCAS – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ Attitudes toward violence against women (PDF, 298KB).  

NCAS – Attitudes towards Violence Against Women among people born in Non-Main English Speaking Countries (PDF, 306KB). 

By J Pope

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