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Sex, Love and Other Stuff: Respectful relationships for young men


Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV), 2011 Sex, Love and Other Stuff is a booklet developed for young men, with young men, that talks about sex, relationships, power and respect. It has been specifically developed from what young men told DVRCV they wanted to know — stuff like, what a ‘relationship’ is, how to talk to girls, and about sex. There’s quite a bit of information about...

Stats and research on young people’s sexual health


YEP Project, November 22, 2014
The following reports and articles can be really useful when you’re looking for facts about sexual health [and young people]. They can also be useful when you’re looking for data to justify allocating funds and resources to your sexual health programs, or can be used as resources when planning sexual health education programs.
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Welcome to SASHA

SASHA is a current awareness service with news and views on various aspects of sexual health and sexuality, from a wide range of sources. These range from credible sources of sexual health and related information, to relevant opinion pieces in the media.