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Improving health literacy
: guidelines


Clinical Advisor, July 03, 2016 It is no longer recommended that patients with low health literacy be identified. Instead, Universal Health Literacy Precautions are recommended. While some providers are concerned that using plain language with health-literate patients will offend, studies show that patients with adequate health literacy prefer to receive health information in an easier to...

Aged Care Workers and HIV & Ageing (Resource)


ASHM, 2015 Over the last 35 years, HIV has been transformed from what was once a fatal illness to a chronic condition that people can now easily manage. Therefore, people with HIV are able to live longer and reach old age. As people living with HIV start to access aged care services, what effect will this have on the Aged Care Worker and the role they perform? This booklet was developed for Aged...

Presentation: Young People and Blood Awareness


YEP Project on February 25, 2015 Gaining information about blood-borne viruses (BBVs) and their modes of transmission can be a process that is daunting and potentially full of confusion and myths. This is why YACWA teamed up with HepatitisWA to run a training workshop about ‘Young People and Blood Awareness’ during Sexual Health Awareness week. Read more here Access presentation Young People and...

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