Cervical cancer could be all but eliminated in 80 years: Lancet study


RACGP News, 20 Feb 2019 The Lancet Oncology modelling study found 149 of 181 countries could cut rates of the preventable cancer to four per 100,000 women by the end of the century – the threshold for considering it eliminated as a public health problem. The study finds that combining high uptake of the vaccine with high screening could prevent up to 13.4 million cases of cervical cancer within...

Patient Education Resource for Women With Gynecologic Cancers


Kanwa.org The authors used women’s responses from individual and focus group interviews to develop the sexual health education booklet, Everything Nobody Tells You About Cancer Treatment and Your Sex Life: Your A–Z Guide. The transcripts documented participants’ concerns and experiences since diagnosis regarding their sexual health. Download the booklet (PDF) here (Please note that...

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