Why Isn’t Sex Education a Part of Common Core?

Pacific Standard, Feb 28, 2015

According to a recent poll, 44 percent of Americans believe that sex education is part of the Common Core curriculum. It’s not.

But why doesn’t the Common Core have a sex ed component?

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Testosterone plays only modest role in menopausal women’s sexual function

Science Daily, Jan 04 2015

Levels of testosterone and other naturally-occurring reproductive hormones play a limited role in driving menopausal women’s interest in sex and sexual function, according to a new study.

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This Is What Sex-Positive Parenting Really Looks Like

Huffington Post Parents, Posted: Updated:

 It happened yet again. As I was sitting at the table for dinner with my children, I noticed my daughter’s hand fishing around under her skirt.

“We don’t play with our vulvas at the table. Go wash your hands and finish your food,” I scolded.