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Alcohol and other drug treatment services – Key findings in 2014–15


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2016 Key findings in 2014–15: Agencies A total of 843 publicly-funded alcohol and other drug treatment agencies provided services to clients seeking treatment and support for alcohol and other drug problems, an increase of 27% over the 5-year period to 2014–15. Clients Around 115,000 clients received just over 170,000 treatment episodes from alcohol and...

How Heteronormative Paradigms Ostracize Queer Populations in Intimate Partner Violence Research


Huffpost Queer Voices Blog, 02/09/2016 Today, most research investigating IPV and other forms of sexual and partner violence focuses on heterosexual women as victims and heterosexual men as perpetrators, a notion that is justifiable in the realms of empirical evidence. However, when focusing on development, implementation and evaluation of effective intervention strategies to address IPV, current...

HIV Programs for Sex Workers: Lessons & Challenges for Developing & Delivering Programs


PLOS Medicine, Published: June 16, 2015 There is evidence that HIV prevention programs for sex workers, especially female sex workers, are cost-effective in several contexts, including many western countries, Thailand, India, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Quote: “Studies of sources of new infections and HIV transmission dynamics suggest that sex work contributes...

Former Family Violence Perpetrators’ Narratives of Change (Report)


The Glenn Inquiry, New Zealand, November 2014 The voices of perpetrators have largely been absent from research into family violence. In response, the Glenn Inquiry sought to gather the voices and experiences of former family violence perpetrators to better understand what motivates positive change, and what can sustain this change, to ensure that family violence perpetrator interventions are...

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