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New publication “Intersex: Stories and Statistics from Australia”


Intersex Australia, 3 February 2016 The 2015 survey of people born with atypical sex characteristics has now been published. Here is a quick summary of some key points: “52% of the participants were allocated a female sex at birth, 41% male, 2% X, 2% unsure and 4% another option. Whilst most identified as female or male now, a smaller portion now identified as male compared to the portion...

Intersex and ageing


Intersex Australia, 3 February 2015 This is the text of a speech given on intersex and ageing to a local NSW audience on Monday 2 February, 2015 by Morgan Carpenter. It follows the 2012 publication of an intersex-inclusive national strategy for LGBTI ageing and aged care. A massive subsequent shift in terminology from LGBT to LGBTI hasn’t been matched by an increase in understanding or action...

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