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International Sex Workers Day and Calls for Decriminalisation in South Australia


SHINE SA, posted on June 2, 2023 On June 2, International Sex Workers Day is recognised, creating an opportunity for further reflection on the need for decriminalisation of sex work in South Australia. Sex work is criminalised in South Australia which means that those engaging in relevant sex work activities can be prosecuted for criminal offences. SIN (Sex Industry Network) and Scarlet Alliance...

Decriminalisation of sex work in south Australia (SHINE SA Media Release)


SHINE SA,  May 30, 2019 On 31 May 2019, the Sex Industry Network (SIN) will gather at Parliament House to rally for the decriminalisation of the South Australian sex industry and to recognise International Sex Workers Day. In South Australia sex work is criminalised, prohibiting sex work so that those engaging in relevant activities can be prosecuted for criminal offences. SIN and Scarlet...

Message from SIN: decriminalisation rally on International Whores Day, + more


Sex Industry Network (SIN), 6 May, 2016 On the 2nd of June SIN will be holding a rally on the steps of Parliament House to promote International Whores Day and the decriminalisation of the sex industry in SA. We will be wearing red, holding red umbrellas, placards, and signs….and we’ll be loud and proud. June the 2nd is International Whores Day, a day celebrated in solidarity with our sex working...

2 upcoming events from SIN (Sex Industry Network)


UPDATE 27/5/2015: SIN have received requests from various parliamentarians to change the time of our proposed rally on the 2nd July from 2pm to 1 pm in order to allow speakers of the House to join us prior to reconvening in parliament for sitting. Message from SIN, 20 May 2015 As you may already be aware, June 2nd is International Whores Day, and is traditionally a time to celebrate, remember and...

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