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Sexual activity and sexual health among young adults with/without intellectual disability


BMC Public Health 201818:667 Abstract Background There is widespread concern about the sexual ‘vulnerability’ of young people with intellectual disabilities, but little evidence relating to sexual activity and sexual health. Method This paper describes a secondary analysis of the nationally representative longitudinal Next Steps study (formerly the Longitudinal Survey of Young People in England)...

Behavioural Support Practice Guides for young people with a disability


University of NSW University of NSW’s Intellectual Disability Behavioural Support Program has released practice guides for behaviour support programs for young people with a disability. Being a planner with a person with disability and complex support needs This Planning Resource Kit is intended to strengthen existing good practice and to provide guidance for engaging a person with complex...

A survey on violence and discrimination among people with disabilities


BMC Public Health 2018 18:355 Abstract Background The aim of the study was to quantify levels of violence and discrimination among people with disabilities and analyze the effects of gender and the type and degree of disability. Methods The study analyzed data on self-reported violence and discrimination from a Danish national survey of 18,019 citizens, of whom 4519 reported a physical disability...

“A Credo for Support” [video]


San Luis Obispo People First, via Youtube This video is spoken by members of San Luis Obispo People First, a self-advocacy group for people with disabilities in California. They are people living with intellectual disabilities, and they speak here about how they would like to be treated. Thanks to Ralph Brew for this submission.   Watch video above or here Access People First of San Luis...

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