SAMESH cooking class presents: Savoury Mince and Boiled Chocolate Cake


SAMESH, 1/5/2020

In lieu of SAMESH’s face to face cooking classes for PLHIV and older LGBTIQ+ folk, Paul has been developing  and trying our recipes again this week. 

Savoury Mince

This week Paul’s savoury course has a retro twist – perhaps you can serve it in ramekins! You can use any kind of mince you have on hand, including your favourite vegetarian alternative. It is an easy dish that you can make for one or more people.
Be creative, add what ever vegies you enjoy or ghave on hand. In this recipe you can use gravy mix, spice mix you have bought, or your own handmade blend. It
can be made ahead of time and re-heated or frozen for future use.

Boiled Chocolate Cake 

This is a simple yet delicious recipe that is tried and tested, from the Tasmanian Esk Valley. You can make two and spread loads of jam and cream between the 2! You can also add shaved chocolate to the frosting for even more chocolatey goodness. It can even be made and frozen. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate cake (as long as you can come by some flour, which seems to have appeared back in the shops again!).

By J Pope

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