Information about Gender-Based Violence for People with Disabilities


What to do if someone hurts you or does bad things to you: Information about Gender-Based Violence for People with Disabilities

Human Rights Watch, March 2015

Women and girls with disabilities are too often the victims of violence, yet get too little information on where to go for help. Information on gender-based violence needs to reach the people who need it most, especially women and girls with disabilities. This resource, produced in easy to read language was developed by Human Rights Watch in collaboration with disabled persons’ organisations (DPOs) and gender-based violence service providers. The resource shows how to recognise, prevent, and protect against gender-based violence, including by distinguishing between “good” and “bad” touch, and explains how to seek legal, medical, and psychosocial support.

Download resource (PDF) via the following link: Gender based violence ETR final

By J Pope

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