Genders, Bodies, and Relationships Passport


National LGBTI Health Alliance, July 2015

The passport is available to anyone who wishes to ensure that their genders, bodies, relationships are respected in their interactions with health and social care services.

The Passport is a tool to support clear communication between people and organisations on topics related to their genders, bodies, and relationships. This information is critical in a wide variety of settings, including health care, ageing & aged care, police, law, housing and education.

The Passport is a multipurpose tool designed to promote the best possible care for people who have historically faced mistreatment or exclusion on the basis of their genders and bodies.

It was developed specifically to support the following groups:

  • Intersex, trans, and gender diverse people.
  • Health and social care services that wish to ensure inclusive care and the best possible health outcomes for intersex, trans, and gender diverse people.

The Alliance aim to make the passport available and accessible to a wide range of people and organisations. Please note: first deliveries will be made during Janurary of 2016.



  • Able to order in packs of 10
  • Prices vary according to organisation budget. Please visit the application form for more information about costs.
  • Online application available here

Download sample copy here (PDF) SAMPLE-EDITION

By J Pope

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